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Welcome to qPublic | The Public Access Network

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    Welcome to qPublic | The Public Access Network


    qPublic provides a web-based solution for data delivery. We have designed an easy interface so visitors can query the data by Owner Name, Address, Parcel Number, Map, Legal Description, etc. They can also perform sales searches, comparative sales searches, or easily pull up a sales list by month. Our battle-tested websites are designed with the end-user in mind: designed to be intuitive and easy to use. In addition to the searchable database features, all of our sites provide static webpages for general county information, downloadable forms, appraisal information, jurisdiction information, important dates, etc., making it a convenient, efficient community service tool. qPublic offers a complete turn-key system for distributing public records on-line at a fraction of the traditional cost! We take counties GIS, Parcel, and/or Tax Data and make it available to the public on-line in the form of a searchable database. Enable your home and office users to access your Parcel and GIS data 24


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