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hiPOpoTAmiaN's HoME PaGE

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    hiPOpoTAmiaN's HoME PaGE


    This website is a homepage of hip0 it contains, hip0 (hipodilski) Georgi Georgiev's blog, it also contains various articles and howtos related to GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, System Administration. Some of the other content is related to Orthodox Christianity and General Christianity. It has some recommendations and reviews of Spiritual so to say movies, christian rock/metal/industrial music bands review. It also deals with various Computer Security matters and Hacking. I've also included some nice pictures of mine, some ways to contact me in case if you need some cheap remote system administration services on Linux, FreeBSD or Windows. This site also discusses my life and what I have found to be the Truth. It also tells my store on How I became an Orthodox Christian while seeking for a meaning and truth in life. Many of the various things that the website contains are located on my personal blog, Pc-Freak system is also configured to run Tor server to promote anonymity on the net, Ping and WHO


    Christianity, Orthodox Christianity, The Sign of the Times, Bible, Bible Study, GNU/Linux, Linux, DebianLinux articles, Fedora Linux Articles, hip0's Blog, Christian Music Review, Christian Artists review and recommendations, Spiritual Movies review, Faith, Computing, Unix Computer Security, Windows Computer Security, Computer Tweaks, Linux for Desktop, Interesting Stories, Truth Seeking, Music Downloads, Christian Prophecies, System Administration Services, Pictures of Tux, Free Software, Phiso

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