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Ace Hotel : Hotels in New York City, Palm Springs, Portland, Seattle and Los Angeles

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    Ace Hotel : Hotels in New York City, Palm Springs, Portland, Seattle and Los Angeles


    Ace Hotel reimagines the American hotel in New York, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland. Some people have called us a boutique hotel -- we're not totally sure what that means, but we always aim to keep Aces far from staid. We shy away from whimsy but elevate playfulness to a radical new level. Clean lines and custom furniture give our hotels a "mixed-bag, contemporary cool," according to Our hotels are comfortable and laid-back with casual, forward-thinking design and accommodations for every budget, from cheap rooms to luxury suites, with vintage and modern design and interiors. Our hotels are family-friendly as well as dog friendly and pet friendly in general, and we feature events every night of the week including music, art, comedy, film and performance.


    Hotels, boutique, design, cheap, family, dog friendly, pet friendly, event space, weddings, meetings, Portland, Seattle, New York, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, spa, restaurant, bar, inexpensive, groups, hipsters, centrally located, vintage furniture, music, art

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