Where can you advertise your company? Traditional sources

Are you a businessman? Probably you know how important is effective marketing when you want to develop your company. Adds are the way to grow your costumers' network which makes a bigger demand. For you it means more money. So what are the sources in which you can pomote your products or services? Let's focuse on „traditional sources”.

There are a lot of sources in which can you advertise you business. The ways to promote are also diversified. Some of them are called „traditional”, else are called „modern”. What is the difference?


„Traditional sources” are e.g. TV and radio spots, banners, adds in newspapers and promotional meterials like leaflets or pens and cups with the company's logo. The ways are also called „offline” sources. Learn more about them.


Television and radio


An ad in a television is often expensive. The costs depends on the length of the ad and an individual TV station's price. There is also good to mention that a costumer must watch an ad many times to remember a product or service. It means a lot of costs for tiny companies' budget. The time, when an ad is telecasted, is also very important. In the morning you can advertise products like toys because mostly in those hours children are watching TV. Those rules are similar when it comes to radio.




In newspapers your ad can see a very specific group of people. Mostly it would be „an old man” which has a bigger trust to traditional medias. So you have to exactly know what group of people is your target.


Banners and bilboards


On banners and bilboards you can adverise almost everything because the ad can see everyone. A bildoard have to be located in a noticable place. Mostly that kind of source is used for every kind of promoting product or services. The target group of people is endless. Why? Because in public places a lot of different people moves.


An interesting way are also „moving banners”, located on buses or cars. The banners are not confined to stay in one place so your company can be noticed by more potential clients.


Brand ambassador


Next, interesting way to advertised your business is using brand ambassadors. Who are they and how it works? Brand ambassador is a person who tested your product and decided to promote it. He talks about the product to his friends and tells about his positive experiences. The important thing is that the brand ambassador has to have a real good opinion about a product to advertise. The person has to also have special abilities to be convincing. He has to know the product and it's benefits. In marketing the brand ambassador is responsible for gowing the company's costumers network.


However, „traditional” sources goes out of date. Now marketing evolves in internet, on social media, platforms, blogs and websites. The „modern sources” are more effective way to appeal to younger group of costumers. Using „modern sources” you can also easily find new clients and promote your brand or business. To sum up, the choice of the way you want to advertise your company depends on your targer group, budget and an idea for the promotional campaign.

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