What kind of marketing is the most effective when it comes to elderly? Or youth?

There are a lot of types of marketing. You can advertise your company on the internet or in a newspaper. Which of those ways are the most effective for different kind of people? When it comes to their age, there are some huge inequalities. What is your target group and how can you impact it by using a definite type of ad? Find out.

Regardless of a person's age we have a lot in common. Based on statistics we think that the most trustworthy type of advertising is „our friends' recommendations”. On the other hand ads which we got on e-maila are the least appealing.


How it looks when it comes to people's age? There are a lot of differences.


Youth and students (under 24 years old)


Young people often says that the ads which they can see on a screen are more attractive. They like almost everything which is connected with technology. Young people notices online ads, advertises on TV and in cinemas before a movie. Bilboards also appeals to them. Youth as a group, is the best

consumer when it comes to sponsoring on every kind of events. The most valuable is sponsoring on music festivals where young people often spends time. In addition youth notices ads on online forums. That's because they discuss basicaly on the internet.


Young adults (25-34 years old)


In this group, a trust to „friends' recommendations” grows. People in age of 25 to 34 more often decides to buy a product when a person who they know promotes it. Then they think that a thing is legit and worth buying. Young adults trust also informations from producer's website. In their opinion the source is certain and the company tells only truth in descripions.


Adults (35-44 years old)


Adults just like young adults trust informations which are located on producer's website. The source is often checked by them. However this group of people starts to take an interest on ads in newspapers. When it comes to advertising on TV or in cinema, the trust declines.


Mature adults (45-55 years old)


An interest on ads in newspapers grows. Mature adults read more often so advertising „on a paper” appeals to them. This is their „natural habitat” so they trust this kind of marketing. They especially like articles than traditional ad in a nespaper. What is more, people in age of 45 to 55 has a positive reaction for product placement.


Elderly (over 55 years old)


Elderly trust newspapers in which they read articles and see ads. This form of marketing is trustworthy for them. People in age over 55 are also interested in product placement.


To sum up, young people trust ads more, when they are on screens. That is because youth likes technology and lives with it in everyday life. In case of older people, they trust what they knew. Ads in newspapers will be more appealing for them than in the internet. Elderly likes also product placement.


As businessman you have to know how to impact on a potential client. That's why, the knowlage about connection between age and a type of marketing is very useful. Your product is for yought? Advertise it on the internet or be a sponsor of an event e.g. music festival. It will appeal to young people.



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