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The World of Chinese | Culture, Language, Travel, Food, Living in China, and more

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    The World of Chinese | Culture, Language, Travel, Food, Living in China, and more


    The World of Chinese is a bi-monthly English magazine and web portal dedicated to Chinese language and culture. Our mission is to share cover stories, recipes, language tips, travel and culture features that entertain, inform and connect the growing number of Chinese learners and people interested in China. Our content aims to bring and depth and color to China's contemporary trends, throw light on the influence of China’s history and customs on its modern society, as well as promote cultural interaction and understanding between China and the West. Our real mission is to bring China—the China that we see, live and breathe every day—to readers who share our passion for learning. We convey the words of ordinary Chinese in the streets, the thoughts expressed on China’s immense blogosphere, and the phenomena that pop up everywhere in between to an English-speaking audience. 汉语世界是一本致力于介绍中国语言和文化的双月刊英语杂志。杂志及其网站的宗旨是为日益增长的汉语学习者和爱好者提供有趣、实用、增进联系的阅读材料。我们的关注内容包括人物、当代潮流、历史、风俗、文化交流等。


    China travel, Chinese food, Mandarin learning, expat life China, Chinese culture, Chinese films, Events in Beijing, Chinese history, English language magazine Beijing, Chinese learning magazine, Chinese art, Chinese books, Chinese music, Shanghai travel, Basics of Chinese cooking, Chinese pop culture, Dating in China, Working in China, Fun Chinese News 对外汉语, 中国旅行、中国饮食、学习普通话、生活在中国、中国文化、中国电影、北京活动、中国历史、中国艺术、中国书籍、中国音乐、上海旅行,中华烹饪入门、中国流行文化、约会在中国、工作在中国、中国趣闻, 对外汉语教师,

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