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Who is The Real Tooth Fairy | The Real Tooth Fairies®

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    Who is The Real Tooth Fairy | The Real Tooth Fairies®


    Meet your tooth fairy now! Take the Royal Quiz and get matched to your real tooth fairy! See where your tooth fairy takes your lost tooth! Discover Real Fairyland and the award-winning tooth fairy storybook series! Explore the fairyland shops. See fairy magic in action! At last, Earthies of all ages find the answers to questions they’ve had: “Who is the tooth fairy? Where does she take my lost teeth? Where does she live?” In touring dozens of individual attractions in Real Fairyland, girls find a magical world of endless interactive play. Create your own Real Dream Tree! Pick Kindnesses to do to help the Real Tooth Fairies change the world! See fairies record hit songs at the Magic Music Studio. Catch the fairy news buzz on the magic webcam! Send a Magic Message to your Tooth Fairy and ask her to come to your house! She’ll even bring surprises to your tooth pillow! On the website, girls spend hours exploring Real Fairyland, having magical adventures girls love. While


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