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Bubble Shooter | The Bubble Shooter Games

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    Bubble Shooter | The Bubble Shooter Games


    Have you ever played a real, truly adictive game ? You know, such a game that is without high-end graphics, and music recorded in the New York Metropolitan, just simply a game ? Here we go - <strong>the Bubble Shooter</strong> is a very basic game, but love it more people than the actual high-end PC and Consol games ! From India to Alabama, from Brazil to Sweden, the <strong>Bubble Shooter</strong> is amongst the twelve most popular <em>online flash games</em> all over the world. Maybe in the whole Universe ! The game is even simplier than the well known Tetris game : you have color bubbles to blow out. You have to form three contacting bubbles in one row to make them blow and disappear. You have yellow, green, purple, blue, red and cyan <strong>bubbles</strong>, all goes the same way. During the <strong>bubble shooter game</strong>, periodically the bubbles go closer to you, with a new line of bubbles. You have to look out, because is the bubbles once reach your level, the game's o

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