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Start-Up Business Consulting and Early Stage Business Planning Consultant

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    Start-Up Business Consulting and Early Stage Business Planning Consultant


    Start-up and Early Stage business consultant. Hands on advisory for start up and early stage companies. Business planning and consulting for all aspects of start-up or early stage businesses, including business organization, management and financing. Monument Ventures activities include in depth analysis of your company, your strengths, your weaknesses and your unique competencies. We then deliver in-depth guidance in maximizing your results. We also will assist in your financing efforts by participating in developing the unique story of your company, guiding the preparation of your presentation and supporting materials, structuring a targeted marketing plan and helping compile a prospective investor list to most efficiently raise your capital. We will providing experienced presentation training tailored to your needs and skills and use our extensive financing experience to establish meetings with the appropriate investors based upon their interest in your type of company.


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