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Discover Which Marketing Programs Really Work

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    Discover Which Marketing Programs Really Work


    At MarketingExperiments.Com, researchers test marketing programs to see if they really work. The site features unbiased data on: pay search engines, free-for-all link programs, ezines, web awards, free classifieds, affiliate programs, banner ads, or web cards, email promo., Predicting customer behavior is a skill every marketer wishes they had. In this Web clinic replay, we teach you how to acquire it., To get a quick win on your landing pages, you need easy changes you can make right away. This Web clinic replay provides the five easiest landing page changes., Effective subject lines can significantly impact the clickthrough rate of a marketing email. In this Web clinic replay, we provide a checklist for improving subject lines., Copywriting is difficult for marketers. After all, they're not writers by trade. This Web clinic replay has a copywriting framework to help you consistently write effective copy., Homepage optimization is much more difficult than optimizing a landing page. In


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