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The - The Friendly Machinist Club®

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    The - The Friendly Machinist Club®

    Description is a small, friendly, inclusive, home shop machinist and machinist club for home-shop machinists and professional machinists of ALL experience levels and ALL machine owners. Newbies, experts, and professionals are welcome, as are owners of both domestic and imported machinery. At you can exchange ideas, get assistance, and interact with others in a relaxed, civil atmosphere where you can learn and demonstrate your skills without insult or harsh review. When we started this forum it was with the intention of maintaining a place free of derogatory comments, flaming, personal attacks and elitism. Posts that include such comments will be responded to immediately by a member of the management team. If that is not enough to make the point, further action will be taken. We all have a bad day once in a while. We all lose our tempers and say or type something we shouldn't have. That's normal human nature! Should that happen to be


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