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historic clothing: expanded site

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    historic clothing: expanded site


    HBC is now the largest fashion history site on the Internet. We have arquived a vast mount of infiormarion about clothing and fashion. Most of our information is about boys' clothing abd fshion, but thgere is a great deal of information about girls and adults as well to add perspective. And the information can be looked by garment or by other attributes such as activity, chronology, country, nd other natters). While clothing and fashion remain the core of our site, we are now expanding HBC to cover the wider experience of childhood in history. Here the fashion information is a valuable resource to draw on. As a former teacher, I recall how my students would ask about children during the various historical periods that we studied. There was not a lot of information available. Our HBC website is collecting information to address this interesting area. And here you, the reader, are a primary source of information. The experiences of our readers have been a major resource in buil


    United States, America, clothing, fashion, garments, boy, boys, children, girl, girls, school uniform, garments, caps, military, tunics, sailor suits, shirts, pants, trousers, short pants, knee opants, knickers, long pnts, knee sicks, long stockings, history, historical, fashion,

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