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Founder Space – connecting startups with advisors, angels & VCs

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    Founder Space – connecting startups with advisors, angels & VCs


    FounderSpace connects founders with what they need. Every founder has a million questions they need answered, but most founders don’t have the money to hire top consultants to answer each one. That’s where we come in. We help answer founders’ questions through collaboration and resource pooling. Here’s how it works: founders can post questions they have to Founders Space, and we will match the questions with industry professionals. Then the questions and answers, as well as input from other founders, will be shared with all the founders in our program. We’ve got big plans, and you can be a part of them. The first step is contributing to the free flow of information and ideas. After this, you can participate in our local spaces, investor matchmaking, founders database, and other member programs. Founders from all over the world can benefit by tapping into other founders and working together to solve the hard problems inherent in any startup. Our goal is to provide a simple, yet


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