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    Title Culture. News. Truth.

    Description - Who am I? I am the guy that sometimes throws stones at Hip-Hop’s glass house. I am the buyer and the seller…the product and the producer. I am as handsome as I am functional. I am the mediocrity of excellence in the eyes of mediocre people. I am all the fun you think I’m having. I am an internet celebrity - 10 million video downloads of THE JEWELRY REPORT in less than a year. I am the big dummy that rejects your reality and substitutes it for my own. I am what I repeatedly do. I am the true friend that stabs you in the front. I am a rebel with a cause, a hero of the people, even though it’s the shortest-lived profession on earth. I am the guy who gets paid by some of your favorite magazines and websites to make words dance. I am myself because everyone else is already taken. I am a part-time jeweler and full-time fortune teller. I am a Corporate shark that does today’s job with yesterday’s methods and will still be in business tomorrow. I am a man who accepts his lim


    eben, ebengregory, eben gregory, washington, dc, enterainment, news, stars, celebrities, gossip, jewelry man, jewelry, diamonds, funny

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