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Chesapeake Bay Foundation Blog

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    Chesapeake Bay Foundation Blog


    The Chesapeake Bay Foundation Blog features a range of informative, engaging, and hopeful stories about CBF, our work, and conservation issues of the moment. It includes human interest profiles and Q&As with CBF staff and supporters, Notes from the Field pieces on education experiences, special CBF events and restoration activities, photo galleries, and in-depth features on current organizational priorities (i.e., menhaden, TMDL) in our “Ask a Scientist” series. The goal of the blog is to more thoroughly engage readers in CBF’s work on an ongoing basis and ultimately to convert those readers to becoming more dedicated CBF supporters. The editorial schedule now allows for a “Photo of the Week” post on Mondays, longer-form feature on Wednesdays, and “News and Dos” listing on Fridays. CBF’s E-Comm Manager manages the CBF blog. If you have story ideas/suggestions, please contact her, Outside guest bloggers are welcome to contribute to the CBF Blog after pitching solid and

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