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    If you're a new visitor, we'd like to mention a few things if you'll indulge us. has built a solid reputation for offering the best retrofit sight glass kits available to the homebrew market with a consistent high level of customer support both pre and post sale. In fact, we are so confident that our sight glass kits offer the best combination of price, function, and features compared to the competition that we’re happy to let you know what your alternatives are. We feel a great sense of pride reading through all the positive reviews of our products and service both on this site and homebrewer forums. We have primarily focused on hardware for measurements during and after brew day such as refractometers, level indicators (sight glasses), and temperature/thermometers. Accessories offered including bits required for installing our products as well as custom made brushes for cleaning. We aquired a viny cutting machine to have more control over the sight glass calibrati


    sight glass sightglass keg conversion keggle valve thermometer bulkhead dip tube all grain brewing homebrew brewers boil kettle tank

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